On Wooshii every user is a member of a team by default.
A team can be one or many people.

You may want to add other Wooshii users or new users to your team

To add a user to your team

  1. First select the team that you want to add the user too.

To do this click

SWITCH TEAM > select the team

If you only

2. Navigate to MANAGE TEAM > PEOPLE

3. Enter the email address of the user you would like to invite
4. Select their access permissions - Details on permissions can be found here - http://help.wooshii.com/administration/what-permissions-do-different-users-have

5. Now you have users you can invite them to work on specific Projects. 

  • Administrators and Producers can see all projects but will only receive notifications for those that they are assigned to
  • Assistant producers can only see those projects they are assigned to
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