When working on Projects with Clients you often need to work with a supplier or third party creator.

For example, you may be making a live action video that requires a motion graphics piece that you are looking to outsource.

Introducing Jobs

Jobs are spaces that you can communicate and engage with suppliers or third-parties. A Job can be used to work with known suppliers or posted to a public board in order to find a supplier.

Jobs are created within a Project.
A Project can have zero or multiple Jobs within it
A Client cannot see any of your Jobs

Creating A Job

  • Simply click on the “Jobs” tab
  • Or the Create new job link
  • Fill in the Form with details of the Job

Marketplace or Private

(Finding new suppliers)

When you post your Job you will be asked whether you want to make the Job public or private

  • Making a Job Private - means that only those people you invite can accept the Job. The Job will not be made public and so you will receive no Pitches
  • Making a Job Public - means your Job will be posted to a public Job board. Users of the Network will be informed and you will receive Pitches from suppliers

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