Marketplace or Private

(Finding new suppliers)

When you post a Job you will be asked whether you want to make the Job public or private

Making a Job Private

Means that only those people you invite can accept the Job. The Job will not be made public and so you will receive no Pitches

This is typically used when you already have a supplier you know and want to work with.

  • Set up the Job as normal
  • Mark as Private
  • Then send your supplier the URL of the Job or
  • Invite your supplier from the Network¬†

Making a Job Public

Means your Job will be posted to a public Job board. Users of the Network will be informed and you will receive Pitches from suppliers

  • Set up the Job as normal
  • Mark as Public
  • Your Job will be posted on the Public Job Board
  • You will start to receive Pitches from suppliers
  • You can still find suppliers a ask them to Pitch

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