The financials tab on the Project space is a way to track the financial aspects of a project

You can reach by clicking in the project menu.

Only part of this information is visible to your client

Cost to Client

(Visible to client)
This information was set when you created or edited the project.
This is the cost you will be invoicing and receiving from the Client

Estimated Production Budget

(Not visible to client)
This is what you think the Project is going to cost you to deliver.
It will also calculate the % margin that you will therefore make.

Job Costs

(Not visible to client)These are the costs or budgets that you have given to Jobs.
When you create a Job you will be asked to provide a budget. This could be zero if it is being completed internally or carry a value if being completed by a third party

Bill Costs

(Not visible to client)Bill costs are costs that are not associated with a third party but are still assigned to this Project. An example might be a train ticket.

Actual Production Budget

(Not visible to client)This is calculated by subtracting your jobs and bills from your Cost to Client
It shows you your actual margin as both a number and %
It shows you whether you are running over or under budget


(Not visible to client)
Changing the currency of the financials tab will convert the financials to a single currency
You can add bills and jobs in multiple currencies



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