There are a number of ways to improve the pitches on your Project

Pitch Feedback

Use the comments box to answer questions that have been posed by the Network. Comments on the actual Job are public and can be seen by all the Network. 


Use the comments box to publically clarify points or give updates to suppliers

Feedback Directly to People Who Pitch

You can provide feedback to people have pitched two key ways

  • Shortlist or Discard pitches - give some feedback when you do
  • Ask questions directly to Suppliers that have pitched. These comments are not public and are private conversations between you and a particular supplier

Invite People To Pitch

A great way to get new pitches is to find and invite suppliers

  • Navigate the Network to find profiles you like
  • Browse the video search to find content and then Profiles you like
  • Invite a Profile to pitch on your Job by clicking on the 'ooo' or the 'Hire Me' button on a profile

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