With the tools we have built we have managed to grow a thriving agency business, that works across the globe. Over the last 6 months, we have been working to open up these tools to you and your businesses. 

We are now really excited to release this new Wooshii to all our existing users, (Free for now)

Wooshii can now be used to 

  • Find new work and clients
  • Find new suppliers 
  • Manage your Projects and files
  • Communicate with your clients and suppliers

Find Work, Creators and Suppliers

The Wooshii Marketplace and Network allows you to find work and clients or source new suppliers for your Jobs. 

  • Browse the Jobs that Clients and Producers need completing
  • Post your own Jobs and build a trusted network of suppliers

You now have access to a global database of animators, scriptwriters, videographers,

Organise Your Projects, People And Files.

We make it easy to work with your team, suppliers and clients.

Create Projects and Jobs with schedules, tasks and financial controls.

Organise and share files and videos. With video markup and accelerated uploads.

Stay Connected

Communicate, With Everyone, In-Realtime.

Record all your communication and feedback in one place. 

Clients, team members, and suppliers can all communicate within Wooshii.

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