Wooshii’s interface can support most file formats. However, if you do get a “file type not allowed” message, just contact us and we will enable it for you, whenever possible.

There are two ways to upload files to Wooshii

Chat Upload

To upload a file, just click on the paper clip icon at the bottom left hand corner of your chat box, as shown in the picture below.

File Manager

Open the File Manager and click the upload icon in the top right

Mulitple Uploads

You can upload more than one file at a time,
Multiple files will be sent to the upload queue.

Background Upload

Once files are in the queue you can leave this page and they will upload in the background allowing you to get on with your work as large files upload.

This icon will show you how your files are progressing

Reorder the Upload Queue

Files can be paused or started allowing you to change the order of file uploads should a specific file become more important. 

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