The Wooshii platform gives you access to our huge pool of talented and experienced Creators. That’s over 10,000 video-makers and animators worldwide!

Invite Creators to Pitch

You can search this network and ask specific creators to pitch

To access the whole list of Creators, simply click on the “creators” icon located on the left-hand side navigation bar. 

No need to browse the entire list of Creators, as you can narrow down your Search by 

  • keywords
  • location
  • or favourites you or your team have marked

How do I invite a Creator to pitch on my project?

Just click on the “ooo” icon at the top right-hand corner of Creator’s profile to display the menu

  • Click 'Invite To Pitch'
  • Choose the name of the Job you want them to pitch on

Enterprise Clients

Before we hand Wooshii over to you, we can add your existing network of creators, freelancers, and video production teams. We will ensure they are pre-screened and background checked before adding them to your network

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