The projects posted on Wooshii usually raise lots of interest from video creators and animators worldwide. To ensure that Producers cab find the best creators for their particular video, Producers use their expertise to review all the pitches, and to select only the most relevant creators.

Producer Sophie N. explains: “What we really want to see in a pitch is your initial creative ideas for the project. A lot of the briefs are kept fairly vague to protect the clients privacy, but the most successful pitches are those that explain their skills and what they can bring to that particular project.”

Please note that you can bid on up to 10 projects in a 24-hour period. But of course not all projects are the same, so approach them all differently, and treat each project with a meticulous attention.

What makes a good pitch, in our opinion?

We have pulled together some key elements of a winning pitch. Before submitting your pitch, take some time to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I produce the desired video style?
  • Have I referred to the brief/taken into account the company industry specifically?
  • Is my pitch well written? Is my tone professional?
  • Is the selected example video relevant to the buyer’s brief?
  • Did I describe an idea, or style approach for the buyer?
  • Am I descriptive about my working process/what is included in the brief?
  • Did I give relevant background information about my past experience? 
  • Can I complete the project to the buyer’s budget? => Pitch only if you are sure you can cover all elements required in the pitch. Don’t pitch if you think you will need an additional budget for the VO, for example.

Our Producers are looking for the most relevant and the most exciting pitches – the “creme de la creme” – for their video clients, so we can only emphasize the importance of writing stand-out pitches to win more business!

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