Yes, of course! Creating lists will make things easier when the time comes to find the perfect creator for your next project.

You may want to arrange them according to your needs for a particular project, or according to their skills. Some might be expert in animals filming, or at drone videography for example, whilst others will be stop-motion video specialists.

Whatever your needs, we’ve got them all covered!

There are three ways to work with Wooshii lists

  • Create your own private list - (only you have access to this list)
  • Create a Team list - (that is shared across your Team)
  • Import and onboard a list


Create your private list

To create lists on the Wooshii platform

navigate to the network page
Hover over the star on the profile you would like to add
Choose the List you would like to add the profile to
or Create a new List to add it to

Add to a Team List

  • Click the profile menu
  • Select that " Add to Network" Option
  • If you are an Admin user the creator will be auto added to the Team list
  • If you are not an Admin user your suggestion shall be sent to the Administrator for approval

Approving a Team List addition

(Admin only)
To approve an addition to your Teams List
Navigate to from the >Settings Cog>Manage Team> Network
You will then be able to view suggestions and approve or disapprove their addition to the network

Mass Import

Wooshii offers a mass upload and background check functionality.
If you already work with multiple suppliers but would like to add them to the network then please contact us at

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