• Amending your profile in the About section of your profile

So you’ve created your profile in the About section of your Wooshii account. Your profile should showcase your experience, your skills and of course, some of your work (linking to your YouTube and Vimeo channels).

However, you might want to go back to your profile and update it, in order to include your latest work, or to add some freshly acquired skills. You may also want to customize your profile (or bio) – elaborate on a particular skill or experience – so it matches a brief you want to pitch on, giving you more chances to get picked up.

Amending your profile is easy. Just log into your account > go to the About section > click on Edit and make the changes > Save.

  • Amending the “About me” section when pitching on a brief

Prior to you pitching on a brief, you will be asked to fill in 2 sections: “about you” and “about the project”. These sections should refer directly to the brief you’re pitching on (i.e. how you’d approach the project), showcasing skills relevant to the project. Once your pitch is submitted, you can no longer amend these sections.

What you can do however, is add Private Comments that are visible only to the Producer for that particular campaign. You might want to use private comments to elaborate on a particular point, or to share some information that you had not deemed relevant at first.

NB: Private comments are not visible to other creators, so that’s what you need to use in this particular instance. However, public comments are, as these are comments about the brief/project.

If you have any question about your profile section, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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