Adding a Brightcove Integration to Insight

Adding a Brightcove integration is a simple two-step task that can be completed in a few minutes.

Generate API Credentials

The first step is to generate a set of API credentials in the target Brightcove account:

  1. Follow the steps provided by Brightcove to generate API authentication credentials
  2. This should give you an API Key and API Secret
    1. Take note of these because you'll need them shortly
  3. Now click Account Information on the left menu
    1. Also, take note of the Account Name and Account ID

You're now ready to connect Brightcove to Insight!

Connect Brightcove to Insight

  1. Login to Wooshii Insight
  2. In the main menu on the left, select Data Sources
  3. From the Connect Data Source dropdown, select Brightcove Account
  4. Click the Authorise with Brightcove button
  5. In the new window, enter the details you collected above
  6. Click Save

Congratulations! Wooshii Insight is now able to analyse your assets in Brightcove!

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