How do share settings work? has many advanced features that give you full control over how you share your assets.

This page explains how they all work!

(1) Reviewer Options

Allow Downloads lets reviewers download copies of your assets. If you've added a Watermark to a video, only you will be able to download non-watermarked versions.

Allow Comments lets reviewers add timestamped comments and feedback on your assets.

Allow Approvals lets reviewers change the status of your assets. This is particularly useful if you'd like them to sign off on a final version.

(2) Baked Watermark

Baked Watermark adds a fixed image into the video itself, preventing reviewers from using it anywhere. This is particularly useful for work-in-progress that you need feedback on.

This is a Pro feature

(3) Public Link

This is the URL you can give people to review your assets. Click the green copy icon to instantly copy the link to your clipboard for easy sharing.

If you have the Pro plan you can customise your share links, e.g.

(4) Link Expiration

Using Link Expiration will prevent people from accessing your assets after the date you set. This is particularly useful when you need comments on a deadline.

(5) Password Protection

Need to ensure only the right people see your assets? Add a password here and only people you share it with will have access.

(6) Share With Email Recipients

Instead of handing out the Share Link manually, you can enter email addresses here and will instantly share your assets with them, prompting them to view your content and provide feedback.

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